Thursday, December 17, 2015

Frozen Tides Review *Spoilers Included!*

Yesterday I came home to THIS MAGNIFICENT THING in the mail!

ISN'T IT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING EVER?! I want to turn it into a mural and cover my entire living room with it. My husband nodded his head slowly in acquiescence when I suggested it.
The night before it came, I read the first three chapters on Wattpad, but Queen Morgan is generous, and shared them with the world early. As soon as I got my hands on the physical copy, I devoured the rest of it. It's been less than twenty-four hours since I received this glorious book, and I needed to share my thoughts with you, dear readers. I didn't think I could love anything more than I loved Gathering Darkness, but I was wrong! This book...this book you was so good. I fell in love with new characters, smiled throughout about 65%, laughed outloud in places, and at one point, and you know this if you follow my Goodreads, I was gasping the word "NO" and had to slam my face into the book (and no, the book wasn't harmed from this display of dismay).

Needless to say, I gave this 5/5 STARS.

First, I want to reiterate, this review is going to have spoilers, but just for the first three books, BUT for Frozen Tides itself. if you haven't read this book yet, stop reading this post! For real. I will not be responsible for ruining your Falling Kingdoms experience. 


Ok, is everyone gone who hasn't read Frozen Tides yet?



You guys!!! This might be one of the top five best books I've ever read. I was so happy reading it! I'm not being sarcastic. I laughed out loud more times that I can count, and smiled pretty much any time Cleo and Magnus interacted. I'm going to give my thoughts on the story by character, not in chronological order, as best I can.

I've never liked Lucia, I think she's whiny, and acts like a petulant child. Her partner in crime throughout this book, Kyan, reenforced this, and I'm glad to see that she's growing a little and can at least see what behavior appears childlike. Her attitude was ruthless, and I liked getting to see her regret towards her treatment of Magnus (AND MY GOSH THAT KISS, I screamed! I could not believe what I was reading. And I was just as shocked as Magnus when it turned out to be an act). I was happy with her development throughout this installment. I especially liked where she ended up--I'm very interested in a Falling Kingdoms baby and how Morgan handles that as a plot point in the future.

Nic really owned his place in this book for me, I was happy with every scene that he was in. I'm happy we haven't moved past his love for Ashur. I particularly loved his scenes with Magnus. (Page 109, "That's forbidden. Bad Prince of Blood. Very Bad!" I laughed again as I typed that.) I enjoyed his depression, as rough as that sounds, it was the most amazing way to see him.

I started to actually like Jonas in this installment. Prior to this I wasn't a big fan because he stood in the way of my ultimate ship. However, in this installment, his development and realizations truly endeared him to me. That moment where he realizes that Lysandra has been right under his nose the entire time, and that he might have feelings for her, almost brought tears to my eyes. I could not believe the sadness I was witnessing. And Magnus' reaction and sympathy when they return and tell him about it...all of the feels.

Getting into that briefly, I'm sad Lysandra is gone. I liked her wit, and I appreciated her role in the series. However, I see the purpose behind her death--not just in Jonas' world, but in Lucia's. I'm happy her death served a purpose. Also briefly, I'm hesitant about Olivia, I haven't decided how I feel about her or Timotheus just yet. I want to trust them because they oppose Kyan, and I have him.

Amara blew me away in this book. I sort of liked her because of the way she taunted Cleo with her relationship with Magnus, because that's just the kind of thing I like in a girl. Someone who knows where her powers lie and uses them. The aforementioned moment where I gasped the words no over and over? That was when she and King Gaius got married. I was just SO flabbergasted. I did not see that coming AT ALL. However, I love it. And as worried as that makes me for Magnus, Cleo, and everyone else we love, I like a formidable opponent. Also, I'm excited for someone who messes with Gaius.

We learned so much about the King of Blood in this installment--about his mother, and his love for Cleo's mother. I was shocked by that too. I don't know that I believe him about Magnus' mother (and the odd thing about that is, you would think someone could tell Magnus that they saw his mother pregnant, etc.)

Magnus Damora is my love. He was responsible for 99.98% of the laughing that took place. (If you have your copy of the book in front of you, please turn to page 177, because when he tells Cleo and Jonas that he doesn't really have a use for them at the moment, I laughed so hard I had to put the book down.)

And finally, Cleo, oh Cleo, so much growth! Probably one of my favorite scenes in this book (aside from that cabin scene) was when Cleo has the dream about Theon. Her reaction, and her feelings surrounding this betrayal of her first real experience with love just plain blew me away. It was so well-written. And it tied nicely into the end when we find Theon's twin.

The thing that Morgan Rhodes continues to deliver on is non-stop development. There is nothing in this book that felt boring or like I had to trudge through to get to something else. If all fantasy was written in the way Morgan writes, I would never read anything else. I always go into these books with expectations, and walk away with stories and scenes I didn't even know I needed.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience reading this book, you've definitely persuaded me (yes, I read the article, without reading the book - sorry, but I was intrigued to see what made it so good). I'm looking for a book to buy my brother for Christmas, and this sounds exactly the sort of thing he's looking for! He loves fantasy trilogies/ series. Actually, my boyfriend is also looking for something new to read, he might also be interested in this. Thanks again.

  2. I, also, read this full review before even reading any of the series. But I can read a full review (with spoilers!) and still want to read a book....if I find it catches my attention, as this definitely did! (I reread several of my own series, and am affected each and every time). This review has definitely peaked my interest....have never even heard of it, but will definitely be on the lookout now. Thanks for sharing this post!