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#ConqueringKingdoms Tag!

I've made no secret of my love for the Falling Kingdoms series by The Queen, Morgan Rhodes. So when I saw that the #ConqueringKingdoms tag was going around BookTube, I knew I needed to do it. This tag was created by the author herself in celebration of the fourth book's release on December 15th -- Frozen Tides. I'm embedding come of my favorite BookTube participants after my answers. Also, check out my gorgeous Falling Kingdoms shelf. :)


In Mytica there are constant betrayals and you can't trust anyone! Which book character would you trust to be your sidekick on this adventure?

Ruby from The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. Not only does she have her ability to control/erase minds, but she's logical and always willing to sacrifice herself for the common good. So, if I get into too much trouble, I can count on her to step up on the sacrificing thing. Also, what better way to take over a world that to erase the memory of the current tyrannical leader?


You will come across many who want you dead in Mytica, so you want to be ready to fight. What kind of warrior are you?

I would say I'm a word warrior, like a Dumbledore or a Tyrion Lannister. I can use my words to convince people to do things the way I think they should be done. I would have chosen archery, because when I play video games I always put a bow on my character. But, if I'm being honest, I don't have the best aim in real life, so I wanted to be realistic.


What fantasy world would you like to conquer?

The Empire from An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. That world is already ripe for rebellion, but
it seems like a pretty political, and unstable place right now, but with minor changes it could be made more stable.


Which fictional character would you choose to rule by your side?

Malachi from the Guards of the Shadowlands series by Sarah Fine. Malachi is not only swoon worthy, but he's not afraid to be tough when he has to. I don't want a co-ruler who is too sensitive to make real decisions. Also, being captain of the guard, he has the military strategy knowledge.


Who would you throw in the dungeon?

I would throw Theo from the Firebird series by Claudia Gray in the dungeon. I'm basically obsessed with Paul, and I'd like to get him away from Marguerite where I can keep an eye on him.


Who gets stabbed in the back?

Kallikarkos from Court of Fives by Kate Elliott. I just don't like him, and I don't think he does enough to stand up for Jessemy. Also, he'd probably forgive me. He forgives everyone.


What elemental magic would you choose to wield and why? (Fire, Air, Water, or Earth?)

I choose air, and the reason is largely because of the Squallers in the Grisha series. I used to think it would only be good for sailing ships, etc. but Leigh Bardugo has opened my eyes to a new world of offensive air magic. So I would choose that. Unlike water, or fire, air is always around. Also, in a world like The Empire, they don't have electricity and they use fire for basic functions—and in theory, air can control the flow of that fire. Also, I would just need to suck the air out of some of the people who can't be reasoned with.


First up we have Lainey, from GingerReadsLainey's tag. Of course. Lainey's videos got me to buy the first book in this series. And then become a total fangirl. My favorite things about Lainey's tag video are that;

1. I know it was SUPER hard for her to not say Magnus would be beside her on the throne, and

2. That her list of people to throw in the dungeon was so long. 

Next up is Kassidy from Kassidy Voinche. I love Kassidy, and my favorite thing about her video is that she wants a really great, and proven ruler to sit beside her after she conquers her kingdom and not just a book boyfriend. Kassidy is more logical than I am.  

And finally, Sam from Thoughts On Tomes. First of all, she's wearing an amazing wig for this video (and most of her videos lately, and I dig them). And second, that she acknowledges that all of her favorite characters are "shady," so she struggled to answer the question about allies.  


I tag EVERYONE! #RhodesRebel4Life!

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  1. I am glad I came across this site...has some good reviews and has mention of several books that I've never heard of. And I read all sorts of different genres. These will be perfect to mention when my book club meets up again next month. (Taking a break so everyone can visit family during the holidays)