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Top 5 Wednesday: 5 Best Character Arcs -- #T5WFamily

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Top 5 Best Character Arcs/Developments
So this is actually similar to yesterday’s Top 10 Tuesday on favorite heroines, but it differs in that, I can love a heroine with a crappy arc—and I do. Also, arcs don’t have to just be for main characters.

5. Samantha Kingston from Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.
This book. For a good week after I read it, I just couldn't. I could not think about anything else. There was such a change in Samantha, in her mindset, and her reasoning... One of the reasons this amazes me so much is because this is just one book. It is a standalone. Do you have any idea how rare it is to have a YA character have a full character development over the course of one book? Very. The answer it very. And this book accomplishes that.

4. Lela Santos from the Guards of the Shadowlands Trilogy by Sarah Fine.
This is absolutely one of the best, most original, and moving book series that I have ever read. Lela is always a self-sacrificing character, and that doesn't change, but her reasons and logic do. I don't want to spoil this series for anyone, but the Lela we are left with is a much happier, and much stronger Lela than we start the series off with. I love her.

3. Lia from The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson.

Words cannot even describe how much Lia grows throughout this book--and it has little to do with her love interests. She is almost a completely different person from the beginning of the book to the end--she grows up, and she grows up quickly. I loved it, and I was actually proud of her when she did. I'm really excited to learn more, and see more in The Heart of Betrayal.

2. Ruby Daly from The Darkest Minds Trilogy by Alexandra Brakken.
Ruby went from being kind a ‘poor me, my life is terrible’ (which, I mean, her life was terrible) character, to desperate, to amazing. She slowly progressed from being terrified of people to being a damn good leader and militaristic thinker. I truly fell in love with Ruby when she joined The Children’s League and took charge of her team. Prior to that she had always deferred to stronger leaders—Liam, Clancy, Sam, etc.

1. Cleo from the Falling Kingdoms Series by Morgan Rhodes.
Oh man, Cleo from Falling Kingdoms is quite possibly one of my new favorite characters of all time. I cannot believe the growth and strength that this character has shown over the course of the first two books (I'm currently reading Gathering Darkness). This series is phenomenal, and the new standard by which I judge all fantasy novels now. Read it.

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