Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Top 10 Tuesday -- Things I Like/Dislike in Book Romances.

Top Ten Tuesdays  was created by The Broke and the Bookish, and it's awesome.

I kind of like this prompt--because I have a lot of pet peeves and automatic loves when it comes to book romance. So let's just jump right in!


1.       Hating each other
No, but really, if two characters argue and fight, or are even mildly annoyed with each other, I will ship them. This is my favorite thing to read. If there is even a hint of this in the main book romantic pairing--I will buy it, and I will devour it.

2.       Realistic reactions
This seems like something I maybe wouldn't have to explain, but you'd be wrong. There is nothing I love more than a character calling out a silly line, or pointing out clichés. So much!

3.       Options
I don't like when the main romance is guaranteed, I like options. I like to choose my ships. I think that's why the Falling Kingdoms series is so amazing to me--because, my God...the sheer number of ships!

4.       Maturity
I need my romantic interests to act like adults. No whining, no stupid outrage. Grown ups.

5.       Acceptance, not changes.
 I think this might actually go along with the maturity comment--but I cannot handle when a book character is a completely different person because it's more convenient for the love at the end of the book. If two characters aren't working out, then maybe they shouldn't work out. Changing anything in your characters because it's not as convenient is annoying.


1.       "Bolts of lightning"
I didn't realize how much this annoyed me until I saw Sam, from Thoughts on Tomes, video on The Most Hated Phrase in YA. She pretty much says all there is to say about it:

2.       Love triangles for the sake of love triangles
I am all for a good love triangle, but now there are a lot of authors who insert a second love interest in for the simple sake of creating a love triangle. The other character will be introduced, there will be one of those aforementioned bolts of lightning, and then the main character will be distracted from the one person she's supposed to be with and who we're been building to. A good example of this is the Matched trilogy by Ally Condie. I ADORED Matched, but the last chapter, and the next two books are real rage triggers for me.

3.       Character changes that make no sense
See, this is pretty much the same thing as me liking acceptance. I can't handle major character overhauls because it works for the story. See: Tris.
4.       Instalove
You know, I wouldn't say that I hate instalove automatically, but I will say that if instalove is the only part of the story, or the main part, then I'm angry. Especially because Instalove usually indicates a lack of character development overall.

5.       Jealousy from friends
I cannot stand, at all, for "friends" in books being jealous of relationships between the main character and the romantic interests. Maybe it's because I can't handle it in real life--but reading about it leaves me feeling and seeing nothing but unnecessary angst. Grow up.

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