Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday -- Authors I Need to Read More Of.

This Top Ten Tuesday, sponsored by The Broke and the Bookish, asks for ten authors who you've only read one book by, but need/want to read more. Essentially for me it because a list of series that started this year, or authors already on my TBR pile. But whatevs.

10. Katie Crouch
I read Crouch's "Girls in Trucks" about two years ago. It's an interesting coming of age story about a girl in the south under the strict guidance of her parents, until she leaves the region for New York City. I didn't love it. Although, I only feel it's worthy of barely two stars, Crouch recently penned a Young Adult series -- "The Magnolia League" that I own the first installment of. I can't wait to pick it up (although I keep putting it off for the other books in THE GREAT STACK).

9. Sophie Jordan
Jordan's "Uninvited" was absolutely amazing (despite annoying and preachy overtones toward the end and throughout the "discussion" section). Regardless, the writing was action-packed without being overwhelming. It follows a girl named Davy is discovered to have a violence or murder gene and is uninvited from her elite school. Jordan has written several other books, including New Adult and classic romance, but she hasn't written anything else I would be super interested in. I hope she does soon...like a sequel to "Uninvited".

8. Kierstan White
I've have "Paranormalcy" sitting on THE GREAT STACK for about two years now, and still haven't made it around to picking it up. However, I did read "The Chaos of Stars" by White, which is about the mortal daughter of two Egyptian Gods trying to find a place in the world, and it was wonderful. I've heard mixed reviews about this trilogy (plus it's a little older, so I haven't found much about it). 

7. Shannon Stoker
I listened to "The Registry" on Audible about this time last year and it was awesome. It's a pretty realistic dystopian about a isolationist future United States that puts all girls on a nationwide registry for marriage based on their talents and a testing process. It follow a girl named Mia who tried to escape the United States to Mexico (where freedom and opportunity is). The second one is "The Collection" which I own, but again, it's on THE GREAT STACK, so...

6. Danielle Vega
"The Merciless" is probably one of the few books in the past few years to come out to absolute rave reviews and hype that I totally agree with. It was creepy, freaky, and not at all what I was expecting. Basically, it's about a girl named Sofia who moves to a new town and falls in with the popular crowd--which leads her down a path darker than anything any after school special could ever cover. I loved it. I don't think Vega has written anything else yet, but I want to be the first to know when she does.
#s 5-1 after the jump!  

5 & 4. Aime Kaufman & Meagan Spooner
These co-authors penned "These Broken Stars" an absolutely amazing novel about a princess-like girl named Lilac, and military man Tarver, and their lives following a Titanic-style accident...in space! It was amazing, and probably my favorite book I read last year. They're about to publish another novel in the same world entitled "This Shattered World" on November 19 (trust me, it's already pre-ordered). But Spooner is also the author of the "Skylark" trilogy. The first book of which, you guessed it, is sitting on THE GREAT STACK to be read. Soon.
3. Melissa Landers
"Alienated" was fluffy, cute, and made me fall in love with aliens. I'd previously stayed away from that style, and I've regretted it ever since. This book, to be followed up in February 2015 by "Invaded" follows high school senior and Valedictorian Cara as she participates in an alien exchange program. Of course she and Aelyx fall in love, chaos ensues. Whatever, it's great. I've pre-ordered "Invaded" but I cannot wait!  
2. Amy Ewing
I'm only about fifty pages into "The Jewel" by Amy Ewing, but I'm already loving it. It follows a girl named Violet, who is born as a "surrogate" into the Lone City (it's a series, I checked). I love the premise, I love the writing, and so far, I'm LOVING Violet and her voice. Cannot wait to finish it, or for the rest of the series.

1. Bethany Hagen
You might have noticed that Hagen and "Landry Park" were at the top of my list last week as well, but so what. This book is AMAZING. I cannot rave about it enough. It is literally a dystopian "Pride and Prejudice" plus civil rights. If you haven't read it yet I don't know what's wrong with you. Get. On. It.

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