Monday, September 29, 2014

Book Review: "Dead Over Heels" by Alison Kemper + Giveaway!

*I received a free eBook of this novel from Entangled Teen in exchange for a fair review.*
“I step toward the dude in golf clothes, 'You lost buddy?'

He says, 'Rawr.'

'Beg pardon?'

'Rawr,' he repeats.

All three of ‘em shuffle closer. Slow but steady.

The breeze kicks in again, but this time the autumn air is tainted with a sharp, nose-cringing scent. It’s like stumbling over a decomposing animal corpse in the word—one that’s been sitting too love. It’s the scent of death.”

To begin, zombies are pretty much my number one fear. I have full, detailed zombie escape plans for my work, my husband’s work, our house, my parent’s house, or being in public. I’m not kidding. So it is safe to say that I am well-versed in all things zombies (slow walking zombies, fast and superhuman zombies, rabies zombies, rage virus zombies, I’m like the Bubba Gump of zombies over here). The zombies in this story are rabies zombies, just FYI. And they are amazingly written. I tend to steer clear of zombie books, because I obsess over them, and I need to sleep sometime. But this one was just the right balance of excitement, zombie action, and jokes to keep me from freaking out.

In "Dead Over Heels" Kemper does an amazing job of realistic characters, interesting and necessary dialogue, and adding in the scary zombie element in a great way.
This novel follows Ava, a teenage girl with life-threatening allergies pretty much everything that lives or exists in the outside world and Cole, a country native who loves hunting, fishing, and everything in the outside world. (See the conflict there? See it? It's great.) Ava's family is on vacation in North Carolina, and Cole is helping them with landscaping, when the zombie virus breaks out! (Oh goodness!) Cole decides to save Ava from becoming a snack in her home and they escape to the woods. (Read: the outside world, where the zombies are only one of the things that can kill Ava in minutes!)

The dual perspective is well-written with two different voices and characters. It was nice to see the situations and emotions from both characters, and it was well done. Each character had a distinct voice and personality. At first I thought that Cole’s redneck language-style would wear on me as stereotypical, but it didn’t. It was, again, realistic and came across like an actual person instead of just a character.

Even the obvious romantic elements felt real, not forced, and like something that was organic to the story.

I genuinely cared about these people, and I believed them.
Overall, the humor and characters made this book something I couldn’t put down. I highly, highly recommend it. So highly, I'm giving away a Kindle copy! Rafflecopter AWAY!!

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On a side note, after finishing "Dead Over Heels" I immediately purchased "Donna of the Dead" another, none series zombie novel by Kemper, and it was really great too. I didn't become as absolutely obsessed with it as I did with "Dead Over Heels" but Kemper definitely has a phenomenal voice and Entangled Teen has a great author on their hands.

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  1. Thank you so much for the review and giveaway! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! :)